181 Kicks In The balls

181 Kicks In The balls

My slave here got ball busted by me before at his “tryout” and I think he really liked it. Soooo… I think he needs some DOUBLE ballbusting. I think there is a bigger level of intimacy when my bare feet kick a slaves balls. Especially when this slave has a super big crush on me haha. In between laughing in his face, I look him in the eyes and blow sexy kisses at him- and then WHAM! A kick 2 his nuts LOL. This is totally one of those slaves that tries not to move, even though he is in soooo much pain, haha. I like that. But hey, If the slave is too dumb 2 respond to pain, we gotta keep kicking him. I counted over 180 kicks 2 the balls before he finally dropped… and then we kept kicking him, LOL.

Oh, and my fav was when he was facing me and Cindi kicked him from BEHIND- so he couldn’t see it coming! Haha. Slaves are so much fun 2 play with…
Princess Bella

Keywords: Princess Cindi, Femdom, Ballbusting, Young Mistress

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