182 Kicks In The Balls

182 Kicks In The Balls

So there was this clip called “181 Kicks In the Balls” on here that looked like tons of fun and me and Princess Ashley were told by Princess Beverly that it is like some sort of record? So me n Ashley decided 2 give it a try with another slave. Only this time we wanted 2 break that record! (Along with the slave’s balls probably! lol.) We figured since we`re new around here that would earn some more respect from the other M3@n G!r1s. (It’s kinda weird around here at M3@n G!rl Man0r…it’s like we all try 2 outdo each other n whoever treats the slaves the absolute worst is the “coolest” mean Girl…LOL. So, whatev! We don’t give a sh*tt about the slaves n its actually FUN 2 abuse these losers…)

The poor slave doesn’t like 2 be ballbusted though, so he wasn’t too thrilled when we pulled him out of his cage 2 us him 4 this. But too bad. We wanted 2 have fun! And that is all that matters! And we are HOT- so we can do whatever we want anyway. Especially with stupid, inferior slave people like this asshole. So we position him on his knees between us 2 make it as convenient as possible 4 US- and so we can deliver as many rapid-fire kicks as possible 2 this loser’s balls from the front & back while laughing our asses off that we can actually get away with treated someone like this!

At 1st we weren’t really kicking the slave TOO hard (tbh) but then Princess Beverly came out from behind the camera 2 give us a “demo” on how 2 REALLY kick a stupid slave in the nuts! Haha! It was awesome. She totally nailed him n he just dropped.

Princess Chanel

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, High Heels, CBT

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