1st Time Ballbuster Alices New Dungeon Toy Part 1

1st Time Ballbuster Alices New Dungeon Toy Part 1

Alice found Lance in her dungeon, chained to the wall in his boxer briefs. She is bubbly n cute & wearing hot pink spandex leggings and a sports bra. Lance doesn’t know who she is, so he starts begging her 2 get him loose. Alice giggles, starts 2 feel on him n grind her body against him and tells him that she wants 2 play with him 1st…

[This is Alice’s 1st shoot ever. I meet her at a club last week. She is great on camera, and very sensual, but it took her little bit 2 get warmed up 2 really hitting me hard in the balls. She gets there by the end of the clip. If u`re into giggly cock teasing, bondage and playful but light ballbusting, this is 4 . She only really hurt my balls in the end of the clip with some snap kicks.]

Alice teases Lance, and when he starts 2 get a boner, she knees him in the balls. That’s the game. If he gets hard, he gets hit in the balls, and she grinds n teases on him all she wants.

At the end of the clip, Alice tells Lance she is going 2 keep him in the dungeon 4 later, but before she leaves, she is going 2 kick him in the balls three times. These are really solid, direct 2 the balls, snappy kicks. She giggles n walks away.

Keywords: Teasing, Cock Tease, Ballbusting, Femdom, Spandex, Giggling, Free

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6 min

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