1st Time Whips 4 Princess Chanel

1st Time Whips 4 Princess Chanel

This was my 1-st time whipping a slave! OMG. My friend, Princess Cindi, showed me how there really are losers out there that like REALIZE that their purpose in life is 2 like literally suffer 4 our amusement – and we can literally whip the sh!tt out of them just cuz we feel like it! Not 2 mention we can make MONEY from this?!? Sure as hell beats my stupid waitress job! LOL. And Princess Cindi explained 2 me that these PATHETIC “slaves” even feel lucky just 2 be BEATEN by us. At first I felt kinda bad 4 the slave, but then I just thought “OMG how embarrassing that this LOSER actually enjoys being treated like this? haha!! Because I guess he obviously realizes how lucky he is just 2 be around girls like us – even if we`re treating him like total crapp n abusing the fuck out of him! LOL. So after I came 2 the conclusion that this weirdo needed 2 know his place in the world (underneath my WHIP n groveling at our feet, that is!) I took no mercy. I painted his back COMPLETELY RED n bruised that loser up with the marks from MY whip. I mean I was hitting him HARD! Hearing him cry n scream actually made me feel like a REAL PRINCESS 4 some reason? It is something about knowing how much they are suffering 4 u… just like Princess Cindi had been telling me about. I can definitely get use 2 this! Which one of u weirdos is next? LOL! We think it’s hilarious 2 make u suffer 4 us just cuz we are both super hot.

Princess Chane1

Keywords: Femdom, Whipping, Female Domination, Brat Girls, Humiliation, Princess Chanel, Young Mistress

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