24 Kilos Of Pain [Mistress Ezada Sinn]

24 Kilos Of Pain [Mistress Ezada Sinn]

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It is well-known that a neutered slave is always better, more obedient n docile, than one that still has his balls. Castration is the best solution for misbehaving slaves, it takes the influence of sex hormones out of the picture n allows the slave to concentrate on serving his Mistress better. It makes for better males, and there is very seldom a reason for a slave to keep his balls. This slave that Me, Mistress Gaia and Mistress Saint Lawrence have here today, has been misbehaving again, making Us think that punishments are not teaching him anything and We need to implement a more permanent solution. Castration came to My mind, of course, it never fails to subdue a slave. But, before going for this quite radical solution, We will give the slave a chance to show that his balls deserve to stay: We will hang 24 kg of weights on them and see if they are strong enough to live another day. Can he take it, will the slave keep his balls?

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