5 Inches IS Small

5 Inches IS Small

I don’t care if five inches is considered “average” – it’s fucking SMALL! That’s right loser, you DO have a small penis! You always thought u were in the clear, but it’s time you hear the truth – YOU HAVE A SMALL DICK! Hahaha! Youre so lucky you have Me n My brutal honesty to set you straight! You`re a little-dicked loser and you should be watching SPH clips. You can’t please a woman with that little thing! You`re no better off than the losers with three n four inch dicks. Yours is still TOO SMALL! I would never get near a dick under 7 inches and neither would any of My hot friends. No girl has ever bragged to her friends about the great five inch dick she had. Five inch dicks can’t produce orgasms so you`re incapable of getting a woman off! U`re a loser with a small dick. Stop hiding behind the “average” label, loser, the truth is out! So glad we had this little chat.

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