A Long And Brutal Night For Butt Boi. Starring Goddess Tangent (HD Version)

A Long And Brutal Night For Butt Boi. Starring Goddess Tangent (HD Version)

With her ass play addict butt boi still padlocked into her inescapable steel punishment bench, Goddess Tangent has a long night planned 4 his sorry ass. She has already finger fucked his ass crack into next week, but he needs more. Much more. And Goddess Tangent has opened him up wide in preparation for what will come next. The Fucking Machine! Goddess seductively spits her hot saliva into his ass crack, and then reams him with a massive dildo which has been affixed 2 her diabolical steel fucking machine. A machine, which she alone controls! Fucking him mercilessly, while verbally degrading n humiliating him the entire time. Padlocked at the wrists, ankles and neck, her hooded slave kneels on all fours, unable to move a muscle, and has no choice but to take the brutal ass fucking he desperately craves from his Goddess. All he can do is moan, whimper, plead n beg 4 more. Finally, its time for Goddess to knuckle up with yet another diabolical anal toy, a pair of brass knuckles with a huge dildo attached. First she relentlessly fucks his mouth 4 proper lubrication, and then she spins him around n drives her hand held cock straight up his ass, while he squeals like a pig.

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7 min

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