A Sissy’s Painful Spanking

A Sissy’s Painful Spanking

I am going to take my slave out with me tonight but 1st, I am going to spank him. Why? To remind him that he is my little pet, my slave, my play thing, my fucking toy, that I can spank and beat whenever I want. I am going 2 paddle the fuck out of him while he thanks me. His ass is already red n tender from yesterday’s beating. But I don’t care, and he likes it. He needs this treatment. Each slap of my paddle stings his little ass but he needs this. It’s going 2 fucking hurt n he’s going to take every fucking slap.

U’ll hear his groans, his whimpers, his cries which I ignore. I want to make sure his ass is stinging later. I want it to hurt. I want him to suffer 4 me. I’ve got a few different paddles I am going to use on his ass. He’s even going to get some bare handed spanking. Isn’t he lucky? He needs his spankings every fucking day, it helps him remember his place. Awwww he’s starting to cry.

My paddling n spanking intensifies and so do his cries n screams. But no matter, I don’t care, his ass is going to get spanked until it’s red n raw, until he can feel it all night long. Look at him, with his panties pulled down, his dress pulled up, and his red little ass! Don’t u wish you were him? Then I humiliate him by making him look at the camera and say, “I just got spanked by Goddess Kyaa.” And of course, he thanks me again. Now his ass looks just the way a sissy’s ass should!

Goddess Kyaa

Keywords: Femdom, Female Domination, Goddess Kyaa, Kyaa, Spanking, Free, Paddling, Humiliation, Sissy Training

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