Abused & Fucked by Marina Angel

Abused & Fucked by Marina Angel

Lance is bound to a brick wall. Marina Angel is giggling in front of him in her high cut leotard, shiny pantyhose n high heels. She loves 2 toy with him. Marina is an expert at keeping male slaves horny n begging, even while she kicks their balls in…

She teases him with her sexy body, giggling n smiling so innocently while she makes him crumple and with devastating kicks 2 his balls. She loves to fake him out by kicking the wall behind him, then following up his flinching with a real kick.

After she kicks his balls in 2 her satisfaction, she returns with a big pink strap-on cock. “I am going to fuck your ass until u love it… [giggle]”

Marina pounds his ass hard. Really hard. Some girls with strap-ons just do the bare minimum, not Marina. Long strokes in and out, hard pounding, giggling while Lance moans… she gives the sweet hard dick…

After pounding his ass until he begs 4 more, she whispers in his ear that she is going to call some friends to come over n fuck him next…

to be continued…

Keywords: Ballbusting, Shiny Pantyhose, High Cut Leotard, High Heels, Hard Kicks, Giggling, Femdom, Cock Tease, Strapon, Pegging, Bondage

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