Adult Sch00l: A 4 Sissy Students

Adult School: A 4 Sissy Students

U`re a sexy teacher, wearing a latex blouse, a purple skirt, and black or brown pantyhose. U welcome me into your lesson, and say that only good boys do well in your class. U expect total obedience, and devotion. U sit on a desk posing with your legs folded over the top of each other, perfectly showing off your impressive shins, calves n ankles. U dangle your high heel shoes, knowing that it makes your students comply. It is the end of the lesson now, but u tell me 2 stay behind as u want 2 have a word with me. U say that u caught me staring at u. Did u have lustful urges 4 your teacher?! U sound cross. U instruct your student 2 kneel in the corner of the room, facing the wall, hands behind back, whilst u think about what 2 do with them, as u want 2 give me a suitable punishment. U tell me 2 keep kneeling, and turn around, head down. I can just see your feet & ankles. “Kiss my feet” u bark. Then as I do so u say that u`re going 2 teach me an extra special lesson. U tell me 2 remain on my knees, but look up at u, as I do so, I see that u`re wearing a big, black, strapon cock. “Take it in your mouth, and suck it bitch!” u exclaim. U`re laughing at your student, the power that u have over them, but then u talk more gentle the more he sucks, saying that he is a good boy, and u`re pleased with him. U then take it further, saying that u`re going 2 take your student’s anal virginity! Telling your student 2 drop his trousers n 2 bend over the desk. “Take it up the ass like a good slut! U need 2 please me so that I will give u an ‘A’! Good Bitch, I am going 2 fuck u so hard, u`ll feel me inside u 4 days until the next lesson! U`ll learn 2 crave my cock”. When u`re finished, u tell the student that when he is alone, awake in bed at night, he should think about u inside of him. Be a good boy, and look forward 2 our next lesson.

Keywords: Femdom POV, Dirty Talk, Teacher Fetish, Forced BI, Latex, Strapon

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2 thoughts on “Adult Sch00l: A 4 Sissy Students

  1. OH GOD Garry U make me heart attack with these update. Not know are you happy for this thing but, THANKS !!! :DDD
    And thank U for remember my request!!!

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