Airen’s Exercise Mat [Clubstiletto]

Airen's Exercise Mat [Clubstiletto]

Airen likes to work out hard n always does a warm up before hitting the gym. Here, she uses her trusty exercise mat 2 get her heart rate going. She wears her dirty hiking sneakers n jumps onto the slave’s stomach from a box several feet away. She repeats this move several times, stomping n marching on his mid-section in between jumps. He asks to kiss her foot, but she refuses. She’s not here to indulge this selfish loser, she’s here to warm up! The slave/exercise mat keeps lifting his head when she lands squarely on his stomach, so Airen pushes his head down with her hiking shoe. The slave is ordered to lick the dirty soles. He does so, knowing this is much easier than bearing his Amazon Goddess’s weight after she has jumped several feet. Airen has worked up quite a sweat with all the jumping n stomping, so the slave has one more task to complete before she heads for the gym: Clean her pits.

Goddess Airen

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Clubstiletto, Goddess Airen, Airen, Trampling, Club Stiletto, Trample, Sneakers, Sneakers Trampling

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