Alexa and Amadahy – Ballbusting Boots vs Sneakers

Alexa and Amadahy – Ballbusting Boots vs Sneakers

Alexa n Amadahy have a friendly wager. Which causes the most damage, boots or sneakers? Amadahy wields the boots n Alexa brings the sneakers. The slave, bound to the kitchen island is helpless to resist the impending onslaught. Alexas sneakers enable her to get a good running start. Amadahys high boots kick next. The power is all in Amadahys strong legs as she kicks forcefully. Each shoe appears to have its advantages. Alexas sneakers allow her to use momentum n run towards the helpless bound kick bag. Amadahys high boots have a nice curved toe, which allows her to aim nicely for maximum damage. The Princess decide to alternate three kicks n judge the effectiveness of the footwear by observing which makes the pig quiver harder. Ultimately the Princesses determine that they can more kicks in quantity with the sneakers, but more brutal kicks with the boots. They finish by dropping the pig with an absolutely vicious flurry of kicks.

Keywords: Female Domination, Brat Princess 2, Amadahy, Alexa, Free, Ballbusting, Ball Abuse, Boots, Pig Play, Young Mistress

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