Alexa and Lindsey – Lindseys First Ball Busting Workout (1080 HD)

Alexa and Lindsey – Lindseys First Ball Busting Workout (1080 HD)

Divina Alexa shows Goddess Lindsey her gym equipment. She demonstrates how to do the Ballbusting workout. Alexa kicks her restrained slave in the balls several times as Lindsey observes. Lindsey cant wait to try it herself. Lindseys very first kicks are excellent. She kicks the restrained kick bag hard with nice loud pops. Alexa is very impressed with Lindseys natural ability. The ball kicking workout will be a really great exercise routine for her. In fact, Alexa thinks Lindsey might be ready 2 move on to power kicks. Those are the ones that help keep a Princess booty nice n plump. Alexa demonstrates a rapid fire flurry of power kicks. Lindsey goes straight in for the power kicks, too. She definitely wants to keep her ass looking great. She kicks hard, but wants to go even harder. Lindsey goes into the power kicks as hard as she can. Alexa and Lindsey take turns power kicking to keep their heart rates up n burn more calories. Alexa notices the kick bag getting an unauthorized erection. She kicks the gym equipment as hard as she can to remind it that this isnt about him. This is about Princesses getting a great workout. Lindsey wants to see the slave humbled and on its knees. Alexa thinks thats a great idea. She wants to see the slave drop too. Alexa comes up with the idea that they will each do three kicks n take turns passing the slave off to each other. That way, they are sure to make the slave drop under the relentless barrage. It doesnt take long for the determined girls to bring the slave to its knees with their black boots. The workout isnt over. The Princesses stand the slave back up and continue 2 kick it.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Brat Princess 2, Ballbusting, Young Mistress, Ball Kicking, Alexa, Lindsey, Ball Abuse, Bondage

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