Alexa n Kendall – Fired Lackey Begs 4 Job Licking Shoes

Alexa n Kendall – Fired Lackey Begs 4 Job Licking Shoes

Internationally acclaimed pop superstar, Adriana Venti, admires her beautiful self in a full length mirror. Her best friend since forever, Princess Kendall, takes care of all of Adrianas important affairs. Tonight, Kendall is dealing with a moronic roadie that dropped Adrianas microphone. The microphone was exclusively made, covered in thousands of real Swarovski crystals. It is irreplaceable. Roadies, however, are completely replaceable. Kendall fires her best friends loser roadie on the spot. She explains that Adrianas custom microphone is worth more money than the roadie will ever make in its lifetime. The roadie apologizes. Kendall laughs. I am sorry, is not enough. Arianna does not have time 2 deal with mistakes. The lackey needs 2 hurry up n get it through his thick skull that its fired. The resistant loser drops to his knees. He pleads. He really needs this job & isnt qualified 4 anything beyond carrying things. The girls are mildly entertained by his desperate begging. He actually says that he will do anything 2 get his job back. This statement intrigues the girls. Arianna tells the loser to start by kissing her shoes. He actually does. He is really desperate. Kendall decides that they will rehire the loser, but his new job title will be shoe licker. After every show, he will have 2 lick Ariannas shoes clean. She gets really sweaty during performances. Arianna n Kendall make the shoe licker lick a second pair of Ariannas shoes. Arianna reveals that shell be using his mouth to massage her sweaty feet after every show. She has the shoe licker remover her stiletto, and before he even realizes whats happening, her toes are in his mouth. The shoe licker learns his new trade. Soon he is sucking on Ariannas feet like a pro. Kendall is extremely bossy to the lackey, but its because she wants him 2 be perfect at his new job 4 her best friend. The foot licker gets a lot of use on its 1st day. He licks the soles of Ariannas feet until its time 4 her 2 make an appearance at the club. She tells him that he will have a lot more work 2 do when she gets home at four in the morning with extremely sweaty feet.

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