Alexis Fawx’s Vampire – Predators and Prey

Alexis Fawx’s Vampire – Predators and Prey

PART ONE – Alexis doesn’t know why she let a strange man convince her to take him back to her hotel room. It’s just that everything he says sounds like such a perfect idea. She can’t really control herself, and unfortunately, neither can the predator that has her under his power

PART TWO – Alexis wakes up feeling weak, and…thirsty…such a thirst! She goes to the hotel bar, it is already closing, but, the young bar back seems so susceptible 2 her suggestions…

PART THREE – You didn’t know it, but the room at the hotel you checked into is already occupied, the fact is you`re just room service for the gorgeous predator that is going to take whatever she wants from you.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Executrix, Female Training, Fantasies, Older Woman Fucking, POV Blowjob, Alexis Fawx, Rion King, Mental Domination, Biting, Pussy Eating, Pussy Worship, Pussy Licking, blowjob, Transformation, Transformation Fetish, Transformation Fantasies, Gothic

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29 min

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