Alexis Will Cut Your Balls Off If U Cum

Alexis Will Cut Your Balls Off If U Cum

Alexis is wearing a pink teddy n pink thigh highs. She wants 2 play a game. “I am going 2 give u a hand job, but 4 every stroke on your cock, I am going 2 slap your balls…… and if u cum, I am going 2 take your balls…. :)” She gets your cock all lubed up and smiles n gets 2 work. She strokes your dick nice n smooth three times, then slaps your balls 3 times and smiles.

Then she gets crazy n strokes your dick really fast…. The numbers are adding up in your head faster than u can count, “What do u think we are at now….?” then she slaps your balls in a frenzy

What a dilemma, u want her 2 keep stroking desperately, but the more she strokes the more your balls are getting slapped……… “And don’t cum, cause I will cut your balls off :)” “How bad do u wanna cum? I’ll take them and keep them for myself…… :)” “Do u want some slow strokes or fast strokes…..?”

The best case scenario u`ll have the worst blue balls ever, the worst case u`ll be nutted……. “Uh oh, someone’s pre-cumming…. u and your small cock…… :)” “Maybe I do want u 2 cum, cause I really do want 2 keep your balls…. :)”

Just when u are about 2 cum she stops, slaps the hell out of them, starts to walk away, then comes back and drops u with a swift kick………… “Awe, did I hurt your little balls?”

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