Aliceinbondageland – Folsom Street Fair Public Humiliation – Sissy Piggy Chastity Mistress

Aliceinbondageland - Folsom Street Fair Public Humiliation - Sissy Piggy Chastity Mistress

The artist’s area is my favorite secret hotspot at the Folsom Street Fair. So much creative n subversive artistic energy in the air really gets me off! This year, my friends have a vendor booth on “artist’s alley” that includes a performance and play space. Time to make some art “happenings” happen!!!

Robert aka “Slim DNA” makes provocative, iconic art paying homage to the great pop artists of the past. He considers himself an underground artist and his controversial imagery includes kinking up corporate icons to highlight humorous n political implications. Look for him locally, since he is involved in erotic art all over the San Francisco bay area.

Mistress Vyra is a talented artist combining multiple mediums and techniques to create a huge range of styles. Her favorite subject matter is kink! However, her most prolific art form is not something she can hang on a gallery wall – she is an incredible tattoo artist!!! If you have ever fantasized about getting a kinky tattoo – GET IN TOUCH WITH HER. Discover more of her art by checking out mistress. Vyra on instagram!

Mistress Sofia can’t resist getting in on the sissy humiliation action when I tie Bitchboi to the chainlink fence. I’ve added a very restrictive pig mask because they are such a glutton for bdsm – they are a punishment piggy!

The three of us spank n whip our pig, soon drawing a crowd in front of their art booth. There are lots of oohs and aahs from the audience when I lock Bitchboi into chastity. No more pulling pork for this pig!

Mistress Minax and her slave Ham stop by on their way to buy art for their dungeon. She is dressed intimidatingly in a heavy rubber butcher’s apron to contrast Ham’s pig hood – is this every piggy’s fantasy or nightmare???

We quickly decide to start a captive mutant pig breeding program. There isn’t much Bitchboi can do in chastity, so Ham mounts him, squealing, snorting n humping. Ham quickly gets carried away and needs punishment too. Mistress Minax beats their tits black & blue with a paddle but it is clear that she might secret LIKE the pain.

With more forced breeding sissy insemination experiments, we will soon have a whole herd of kinky porkers!!!

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Aliceinbondageland, Pig Play, Spanking, Whipping, Humiliation, Public Humiliation, BBW, Fat, Chastity, Locked Dick

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