Amadahy and Edyn – Trample and Facesit a Human Carpet

Amadahy and Edyn – Trample and Facesit a Human Carpet

1080 HD: Amadahy wants a human red carpet for her big party. Edyn helps her with the project of turning their human carpet the perfect shade of red. Amadahy n Edyn trample the carpet, 1st with heels, then barefoot. They jump on its chest and crotch n scrape the skin of the carpet with their heels. Amadahy n Edyn dig the points of their stilettos into the human carpets nipples. The trampling just isnt making it red enough, so they deprive the carpet of air by smothering it in their asses. Now its gone too far! Theyve made a blue carpet! Amadahy is not disappointed, though, because now the carpet matches her hair. Amadahy makes the human carpet sniff her shoes. It also worships both of the Princesses feet from its position on the floor while being trampled. Just for good measure, Edyn slaps the carpets face some and Amadahy gives it a few good hard belly punches. Edyn has 2 use the bathroom, so they tell the carpet to go into the bathroom, assume the toilet position, and wait for them with its mouth open.

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