Amadahy and Mia – Rewire Fresh Male into Milking Livestock (Part 2) (1080 HD)

Amadahy and Mia – Rewire Fresh Male into Milking Livestock (Part 2) (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Now the day can really begin n they can tease the motivated cow more thoroughly. A typical day in the pre cum collection facility involves the teasers changing outfits multiple times over the course of the long shifts. Theyve found that this helps keep the cows interested n more receptive. Mia teases the cow with her perfect butt while Amadahy is changing. Amadahy returns in some really cute leggings and a cheerful crop top. Mia leaves to change her outfit n Amadahy takes over the teasing. This is basically how a typical 2 teaser shift runs. While Mia is away Amadahy smothers the male with her breasts n teaches it to moo in place of words with a high voltage shock. This is the rest of your life, she tells it, being used n abused for profit. Mia returns, wearing bright red spandex leggings. The cow begins to worship her spandex as Amadahy leaves to change into her pink scrunch butt bikini. The cow gets worked up n calls Mia a bitch, again. Mia shocks the cow. The cow begs to be freed. Mia laughs. She examines the state of the cows testicles. Blue and swollen, perfect. It keeps trying to talk to her, so Mia shocks the cow until it becomes compliant again. This section features spandex leggings as the main look.

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14 min

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