Amadahy and Naomi – Bratty 19 Year Old Given Her First slave

Amadahy and Naomi – Bratty 19 Year Old Given Her First slave

Amadahy has a gift 4 freshmen Princess, Naomi. Its a loser senior! The senior will now belong to Naomi as her cleaning slave, her shopping slavewhatever Princess Naomi wants. Naomis received nicer gifts, but she guesses shell keep it. Amadahy has a hunch the loser will be useful for something. They try it out as a shoe cleaner. Amadahy tells the loser lick her shoes. Naomi watches. So this is what hes good for? Naomi asks. Amadahy explains to Naomi that a slave can be used for anything she wants. If she wants it 2 clean the floor with its tongue, it will clean the floor with its tongue. Naomi pops off her shoe n thrusts her foot in its mouth. Amadahy is right! The slave will do anything, no matter how degrading. Naomi slaps the slaves face, just for fun. My shoes cost half of what my car is worth and my cars worth a lot. My dad bought it for me. Naomi taunts it. The loser keeps sucking on Naomis Princess feet, even as she degrades it. Naomi decides shell keep it around. Teach me, Naomi says to Amadahy. Teach me the worst you can do. Amadahy fucks the slaves face with her foot while controlling its breathing. Why are u hogging my slave? Naomi asks. Amadahy laughs n shares the slave. Youll be assigned to this Princess for the rest of the semester, she tells the slave. And youll have to do everything in your power to make her happy. He looks like hes in pain n I love it! Naomi says. Amadahy has another gift 4 Naomi. A chastity! Amadahy explains to Naomi what a chastity device is and does. Naomi loves it! U are not taking it off. She tells the slave. I dont want to let him out, Naomi tells Amadahy, I just dont think he deserves it. How does it feel to be locked up by a freshman? Naomi asks it? Amadahy n Naomi tease the slaves chastity. Naomi likes the presents so much, now she wants the slave to not graduate just so she can keep it around to lick her shoes next year too.

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