Amadahy and Naomi – I Can Kick you as Hard as I Want (1080 HD)

Amadahy and Naomi – I Can Kick you as Hard as I Want (1080 HD)

So I really get to kick him as hard as I want? 19 year old Naomi asks. Amadahy emphatically assures her, Yes! This is Naomis very 1st time busting balls. She loves it! Kick him harder! Amadahy encourages. Naomi gets in a flurry of very solid kicks. OMG this is awesome! Your st time n u`re ripping it up! Amadahy says. Thanks girl! Naomi replies. Amadahy takes a turn at the slave. She kicks the slave as hard as she can. Naomi follows. I love this! Naomi says while kicking the slave. I want to go, I want to kick him until hes down. Amadahy says. Ok, replies Naomi, but then we get to stand him back up n go again, right?

Keywords: Female Domination, Amadahy, Naomi, Free, Femdom, Ballbusting, Ball Abuse, Boots, Ball Kicking, Young Mistress, Brat Princess 2, Brat Girls, Brat Princess

415 mb
5 min

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