Amadahy – I am Going to Stretch Your Balls for a Contest (1080 HD) (Bonus)

Amadahy – I am Going to Stretch Your Balls for a Contest (1080 HD) (Bonus)

Amadahy is determined to win this years ball stretching contest. The pigs balls are trapped in the ball stretching device. The contest rules are simple. Stretch the males balls as far as you can while erection is maintained. The Princess whose slaves balls are stretched the farthest while it is still hard is the winner. The contest can last hours. In this clip u see Amadahy put the pig through its paces. Amadahy turns the screw again n again, stretching its balls. Amadahy thought it got stuck 4 a second. What happened was that the balls were stretched to a maximum amount. Once Amadahy changed her grip n twisted harder with a better grip the screw continued its painful advance. The Pig groaned in agony. The Pig will be kept stretched out while Amadahy goes to get her nails done n meet the girls 4 lunch.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Amadahy, Brat Princess 2, CBT, Ball Abuse, Ball Stretching, Brat Girls, Ballbusting, Young Mistress

686 mb
11 min

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