Amadahy Jenna and Jennifer – Humiliate and Abuse Old Man

Amadahy Jenna and Jennifer – Humiliate and Abuse Old Man

Amadahy, Jenna n Jennifer know that their professor wants to hang out with them. He is such a loser. They cant even remember his real name, they just call him Mr. Dim Sum. Well, Mr. Dim Sum is about to get what hes always wanted, a chance to hang out this his hot students. But at what cost? Jennifer tells Dim Sum hes going to have to start at the bottom of the barrel. The gorgeous trio feed the little bottom feeder the soles of their tall shoes. Ugly Dim Sum knows his place. He sticks his tongue right out n licks. Amadahy presents her heel. She tells Dim Sum 2 suck it like a noodle. Dim Sums students know what a professors salary is. Hes poor. Its weird that hes poorer than his rich students. Amadahy decides to feed the loser her foot dust. Jennifer bets hell actually do it on the 1st try. Dim Sum goes along with whatever his hot students want, even when Amadahy dumps a huge pile of her foot dust into his mouth. Jenna gags watching Dim Sum swallow it all. Jennifer looks amazed. The Princesses manhandle the pushover professor with their feet. They tie Dim Sums tie around his head to make him look like the Karate Kid. They tell Dim Sum to bow before their feet. He does. All of the Princesses make Dim Sum Worship their feet. No wonder China doesnt want u back, Amadahy tells Dim Sum as he sucks Jennifers foot. Jennifer reminds Dim Sum that hes super lucky to get any attention from them. She tramples Dim Sum to the ground. All three jump on the loser, trampling his chest n crotch n shoving their feet deep into his mouth. The Princesses pile all of their feet on Dim Sums face. Dim Sum always though hanging out with his hot students would be a dream come true, turns out its his worst nightmare.

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