Amadahy Wants to Pop Balls

Amadahy Wants to Pop Balls

Amadahy’s slave is still strung from the ceiling in his underwear. She struts into the room wearing all black with black pantyhose. It’s time 4 her 2 check on his sore blue balls…

She has left him hanging there, only 2 be teased with her sexy body n kisses, then just when his balls fill up n his cock gets hard, she squeezes his nuts hard n smiles.

“I want your cock 2 be big and hard while I squeeze your balls into a pulp…”

She threatens 2 pop them 4 good, and makes it unclear whether she will or won’t today, until the end when she tells her slave that she absolutely will be taking his balls tonight. Amadahy struts away to leave him hanging with sore balls n think about his future as a eunuch.

Keywords: Ball Squeezing, Emasculation, Kissing, Sensual Ballbusting, Kissing, Pantyhose, Femdom

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7 min

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