Amanda Ballerina

Amanda Ballerina

Amanda is wearing a tight black leotard n shiny tights. She has the slave’s cock n balls tied up by a rope n drags him into the room by his balls 4 some kicking n kneeing. “Awe, but this is fun :)” He’s begging her 2 stop and she’s laughing the whole time. She throughs him on the couch and kicks him directly in the balls a few times before straddling his face

Once she’s sitting on his face, muffling his cries with her perfect ass she says, “Scream like u like it bitch

I am going 2 tear it off if u don’t scream…” It gets her off to hurt him, and it gets her off 2 feel him screaming on her clit

“I am not done with u yet…” She moans in pleasure while he moans in pain as she plays with his cock n balls in mean ways with slaps, n pulls, n yanks

Eventually she says, “This is fun, but u are just not getting the job done…” and she grabs a vibrator 2 get herself off right on his face while she yanks on his balls n crushes them with her hand

Keywords: Femdom, Teasing, Ballbusting, Kicking, Free

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7 min

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