An evening of My life prisoner

An evening of My life prisoner

In several minutes I’ll be going out 4 dinner, but before that I want 2 check on My 24-7-365 prisoner. he traded in his house, his money, his everything, 4 this private cell and the opportunity 2 serve Me. I will allow him 2 worship My feet tonight, because I want him to feel miserable: I will go out n have fun while he will remain here alone, locked in his cold cell, naked. But he can’t have the pleasure of worshiping Me without suffering, that would not please Me, so I arrange a little predicament 4 him: he must try to reach My foot on one end of the cell, while his balls are tied 2 a bar on the other end. The closer he wants 2 be to Me n My feet, the more he has to pull on his balls, the more pain he has to take. That is the only way a man can be around Me: by sacrificing everything 4 My pleasure. And this one has made the ultimate sacrifice: he gave Me his freedom n became My life prisoner. This cell has become his home, with the key to it in My possession, and I don’t intend 2 use it any soon. The slave has no escape now, even if someone finds out where he is, I have his signature on the imprisonment contract to prove that he is here by his own choice. So all he can do now is cherish the moments I allow him to see & worship Me, even if it comes together with pain, and be glad at least his cock is not locked. Yet.

Keywords: Female Domination, Femdom, Ezada, Cage, Footworship, Shoe Fetish, Foot Licking, High Heels, Nipple Play, Free

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