An Office Affair taken to the Dungeon!

An Office Affair taken to the Dungeon!

A casual look at my diary, followed by a glance at the clock on the wall. Any minute now…! Sure enough just as the clock struck one there came a pitiful knock on my door. My client has arrived. I welcome him in with a smile, and gesture to the leather chair. “Hello stephen, it’s lovely to meet you.” I offer my leather gloved hand. He responds attentively with a kiss. I perch on my desk n survey his body. Mmm… it’s a good start! “stephen, that’s a very lovely suit u are wearing, with cuff-links, I like that.” Attention to detail will always impress me.

What can I do for you stephen? His disposition airs caution, with apprehension in his voice. He begins with a compliment, expressing his appreciation for my attire. Killer Louboutin stilettos, fully fashioned nylon seamed stockings, tight leather pencil skirt, open button blouse! He crosses his legs n folds his arms, a sure sign of his reluctance to open up. “Don’t worry stephen, I won’t bite.” A momentary thought… well, I won’t bite just yet! Within Ten minutes, he’s unbuttoned his crisp white collar, and loosened his silk tie. Within 20 minutes I am delving deep into his psyche n unlocking his deepest, darkest desires!!! Oh how the mind works!

Come with me stephen, into my candlelit Lair! He follows like a puppet on a string! I invite hobson to join me in the dungeon so he may demonstrate 2 my client what it’s like to be strapped to the St. Andrew’s Cross, under my commanding influence and sensual persona! My client is bound in a cage while I begin my decadent rituals of face slapping, spitting, tormenting, teasing, flogging to hobson’s nipples, ball busting, cock slapping, and biting!

Before, finally I wank his cock to spurt his thick cum all over my full breasts!

Keywords: Female Domination, Femdom POV, Cuckold, Free, Gloves, Chastity, Cuckolding, Ball Abuse, Ball Kicking, Cock Slapping, Faceslapping, Face Slapping, Teasing, Tease, Flogging, Tormenting

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