Anne Love – Slave`s Mouth Cleans Me and My Sister`s Feet

Anne Love – Slave`s Mouth Cleans Me and My Sister`s Feet

“I am so tired,” I say as I kick off my heels. My sister, the gorgeous Tina Winters, can`t believe how smelly my feet are! “I have an idea,” she tells me mischievously. “How about instead of cleaning them yourself, u have somebody else clean them 4 u?” With the snap of her fingers a slave comes crawling to us on his hands n knees. Tina makes him clean her feet 1st by having him lay beneath us and shoving her bare feet in his mouth. He runs his tongue all over them, eagerly sucking her toes as he works to please her. When he`s done with her feet, mine are next! He sticks my stinky, sweaty feet in his mouth n gets so turned on while doing it that he can`t conceal his hard-on! Together we laugh at how pathetic he is as he lays on the floor n excitedly licks are feet all over.

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