Another Kelly Rockstone 3 4 1

Another Kelly Rockstone 3 4 1

French Maid Might Rip Off Your Balls

Now our newest ballbuster, Kelly Rockstone, is dressed 2 in a sexy french maid outfit with Fishnets. (Her ass is amazing in fishnets)

She has the slave’s cock n balls tied 2 a string and she teases him with her body, smiles, and YANKS!

As if the yanking on his balls wasn’t bad enough, she kicks him with her pointy high heals a few times as well.

She looks so hot in this clip, if she weren’t ripping his balls off, he’d probably cum just from looking at her. After a good amount of abuse, she tells him that she’s going 2 leave, but first she’s going to tie the string to the door knob, “and lets just hope nobody comes in and slams the door…” He begs her not to and she approaches him with a sexy slow walk, looks him in the eye like she loves him n then BAM, knee 2 the balls. When he drops to his knees she kicks him again.

Of course, she leaves him on the floor, smiling as she turns away.

Foot vs Cock

Kelly is hanging out, being hot, and playing with her feet. Rubbing them together, measuring them……. She get’s & idea n calls 4 her slave. When he comes in the room she says, “I’ve been thinking about my feet :) and I wonder if I can completely cover your cock n balls with my little feet.

After all, your cock is pretty small :)

She measures her feet again, then his cock, stretching it, saying, “U want a good number don’t u? While he moans. She proceeds 2 stand up and strike really sexy poses while smothering & poking at his cock n balls with her feet. When it looks like he’s enjoying it, she stomps n giggles….

Foot Game

Kelly Rockstone has been thinking about her feet again, which is always bad new for her slave. She wants to play a game. She tells her slave 2 place his feet against hers (sole to sole) which both of their legs spread wide open, and she coyly asks him, “Where do u think my foot is going next…..?”

This clips has a lot of sexy feet action, some footjob (turning into ball smacking with feet) and some smiley Kelly loving 2 watch her slave suffer at the whim of her n her sexy feet.

Keywords: Femdom POV, Cuckold, Teasing, Humiliation, Ball Crushing, Footjob

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