Ariana & Bailey Ballbusting Teases

Ariana & Bailey Ballbusting Teases

Ariana Marie & Bailey Paige have Lance chained 2 the wall and are wearing sexy outfits, grinding against him, when they start talking 2 each other about their plans to destroy his balls today…

Ariana starts off the ball destruction with her long legs n Bailey joins in quick. Bailey lubes up his cock. They want him fully erect while they kick, knee n squeeze his balls. They bring him right the edge of orgasm, but stop right on time n abuse his balls more. They don’t care about his moaning or pain, they are having a great time…

Bailey Paige n Ariana Marie return 2 Lance. They just took turns kicking his balls in, and now they are back 2 milk his cock in with a long edging handjob… They know they gave him blue balls earlier, and they want to make them ache before they let him release all over Ariana in her sexy bunny costume…

Bailey lubes up Ariana’s sexy long legs, and they make him hump her inner thighs while they giggle. He tries 2 cum that way, but Bailey tells Ariana 2 crush his cock with her thighs n helps her squeeze so he can’t cum…

Eventually, with Ariana gyrating under his cock n Bailey stroking with both hands, they let him explode all over her, then Bailey wipes her hand off on his face and they leave him chained to the wall.

Keywords: Femdom, Young Mistress, Teasing, Edging Handjob, Leg Humping, Bunny Costume, High Heels, Sexy Red Dress, Black Pantyhose, Ball Squeezing, Cum On Cosplay, Hard Ballbusting, Kicks, Knees

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