Ashes n Spit- YumYum

Ashes n Spit- YumYum

My slave has misbehaved. And if he wanted a punishment, he is going 2 get it! I made him sit outside 4 45 minutes 2 get ready 4 my cigarette smoke break between filming clips at Mean Girl Man0r. He has to just sit there with my lighter n cigarettes on his head until I was good n ready 2 relax with my smoke. Well, I have a little surprise 4 this dumb slave A big can of dawgg food! Yes, I think he knew I was going 2 make him eat my cigarette ashes n even the butt. However, I think the disgusting puppie chow was a nice bonus! Lol! Of course, I needed 2 add some of my delicious princess SPIT 2 the food n some spit directly into his face! My favorite part is when I spit right in its dawgg food n then stub my cigarette out in it, then make him eat it right in front of me and THANK me 4 the meal I have prepared 4 it LOL. Enjoy your meal, loser!

Lots of spit in this one! :)

Princess Cindi

Keywords: Young Mistress, Princess Cindi, Female Domination, Smoking, Spitting, Forced feeding, Femdom, Humiliation, Puppy Play, Human Ashtray

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