Ashtray Prisoner – Lady Faye

Ashtray Prisoner - Lady Faye

Down in the basement an man is chained to the wall. He wears prisoner’s clothes because he is a prisoner in Lady Faye’s institut for training males to become perfect slaves. This boy was brought by his Mistress to be trained as an human ashtray. Lady Faye enters the room, dressed in skin tight leggings and a white blouse. The blouse is opened to wide, she knows that the prisoner will see her breasts if she comes close to him n she loves 2 tease chained males this way. “Well, what should we do now, any idea?”, she asks the slave but the answer is so clear. She is hear for another cigarette and he will eat the ash again. With a mean smile Faye lights up the cigarette and blows the smoke into his face. She asks him what he is here for and he answers to be an human ashtray. She continues to ask what he should do then and he answers that he should open his mouth. It looks like this slave is on a good way. Faye smiles n drops the hot ash on his tongue…

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Sado-Ladies, Gloves, Smoking, Cigarette, Bondage, Fetish, Human Ashtray, Glove Fetish, Arrogant Woman, Lady Faye

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