Asian Cruelty – PUNISHED FOR HIS DEFIANCE – Mistress An Li

Asian Cruelty – PUNISHED FOR HIS DEFIANCE - Mistress An Li

Im a strict task master and will not tolerate a slave’s defiance or disobedience. It is my way, or punishment will be swift and sever, as this minion will attest. It really doesn’t matter what he did wrong, as all infactions are met with the same level of punishment. As I said, it can only be MY WAY. No other way will is acceptable. As every whip strike comes crashing down on his back, he will know full well why he is enduring this agony. And it is an agony, he will not soon forget. Tears fill his eyes, and moans of anguish erupt from his soul as I whip him relentlessly, without mercy, without reprieve. Strike after painful strike, my whip cuts n sears his body like a red hot poker. All he can do is accept his fate and learn from it.

Mistress An Li

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