Ass Up n Cuffed

Ass Up n Cuffed

This is so funny. Me & Bella have one of our ballbusting slaves handcuffed 2 our new couch at MGM. It is handcuffed into position on its knees facing away from us, with its face buried & the couch so it can’t even see our kicks coming haha. We make it spread its legs niiiice n WIDE 4 us – and then we make it literally BEG us 2 kick it in the balls! Haha we`re SOOO mean! And we`re wearing some WICKED pointed toed boots too! LOL! Bella’s even have sharp, pointed metal toe-caps! haha.

But this asshole is lucky just 2 be kicked in the nuts by girls as hot as US. He is in so much pain (apparently) and all we do is mock him n kick him some more lol.
Oh, and the funniest part? NOOO joke – after we got done kicking him n released this slave, he ran 2 the bathroom n fuckin PUUKED from us driving his balls up into his stomach!! HAHAHAHA!!!!! (U can tell the video end kinda abruptly at the end… and looking back, we shoulda fuckin filmed that sh!tt too lol.) So u KNOW this is a good video! ;)

Princess Carmela

Keywords: Carmela, Ballbusting, Female Domination, Bondage, Ball Abuse, Kicking, Femdom

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