ATM for My Girlfriend

ATM for My Girlfriend

This is real life 4 me- not just a “clip”. A girlfriend of mine needed $1500. So I said no problem- I will just take it from my slave n give it 2 her LOL. She was like in total shock! So I totally explained it to her that I OWN men that I can use basically like “human ATMs” n she still didn’t even believe me! So I decided 2 make this video 4 her SHOWING her how a hot model like me can simply just use losers literally as financial SLAVES. I even told her I was going 2 record it 4 her n laughed that it doesn’t matter if I treat these idiots like total garbage- they will still do anything 4 me.

I call 4 my champagne n my servant brings it to me on my throne. Then I order it to strip just 2 humiliate it. Soon its kneeling before me- naked, except 4 its chastity device, of course LOL. I dangle my foot in front of it- with its key dangling from my anklet. Poor thing has been locked up sooo long now! Haha! Between its desperation 2 be released and the scent of my foot fresh out of my leather Louboutins, of COURSE it agrees to pay my friend! Sooo pathetic…

Once it’s brain is good and “numbed up” from the scent of my feet, I make it start writing out the check. I even talk directly into the camera 2 my girl friend who will be watching this video at home- and LAUGHING at how pathetic this asshole “paypig” is 4 me! I just shove my foot right into its stupid mouth n command it to start writing the check out at my feet. (Inserting my FOOT into this loser’s mouth is kinda like inserting an ATM card into a real ATM! Haha! It totally unlocks it 4 me n I can take out the max!) Once that check is written out – but still not signed yet – I command it to “start stroking” while my perfect foot is in its mouth.

At one point while its stroking itself to my beauty I literally use the top of the loser’s head as a footstool while I check my texts haha. THAT is how little respect I have 4 this freak. It really is nothing more than a human ATM 2 me- and I will rest my feet on a stupid ATM if I want 2!

Eventually the paypig is BEGGING me 2 let it cum! Literally BEGGING me LOL. It’s mind is totally numb at this point. So eventually I give it a choice- if it REEEAALLY wants to cum, it will have to SIGN that $1500 check! And in fact, I want it to cum AS it is signing the check! And I command to do this 4 a reason- so that it will start to associate that REALY good feeling of an orgasm with writing out big fat checks 2 me n my friends! I make it stroke with its LEFT hand so it can sign the check with its RIGHT hand as it is cumming!

OMG this is like the easiest $1500 ever- and I just give it away, cuz its so easy 4 me. And the best part is, I`m having my GF pay ME back this money that I just took from this loser! LOL I love being hot.

Then I literally just kick this loser in the face and walk away once I have taken its money… because I know it will just come crawling right back 2 me at the snap of my fingers no matter HOW badly I treat it… I love owning slaves- and human ATMs are the BEST kind of slaves 2 own haha.

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