Aww Kicked In The Nuts Again!

Aww Kicked In The Nuts Again!

Harley an me are continuing our abuse of Bella’s slave lol. It’s pretty simple- We just make it keep standing back up n taking MORE n MORE kicks right 2 its balls 4 our entertainment- no matter how much pain its in. We DO spend some time mocking it 2 its face too, of course- just cuz we are MEAN & like adding insult 2 injury. We feel like that is what slaves are 4 anyway- 2 entertain us by taking ALL our ABUSE. (No matter what kind of abuse it is! Verbal, physical, emotional…) :)

Its so funny too because he actually gets a little HARD-ON while we`re kicking him in the balls!! WTF?? SOOO pathetic!! Which just makes me want 2 kick him even HARDER! And o…m….G do I kick his balls HARD in this clip!! If u`re a fan of my ballkicking clips u NEED 2 watch this clip!! ;) We do a bunch of kicks from BEHIND n we totally TOE-PUNT his balls from behind over n over so he can’t even see them coming! LOL!

And my BFF Jordan comes out from behind the camera too toward the end of the clip so she can get a few kicks in too! She is just dressed casual n kicks the slave while wearing her old chuck taylors. It is her 1st time EVER kicking a loser slave in the balls and she got the BIGGEST kick out of it! (Pun totally intended btw…)

Princess Cindi

Keywords: Young Mistress, Ballbusting, CBT, Ball Abuse, Female Domination, Amazons, Boots, Princess Cindi, Mistress

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