B00t-Wipe Reward

B00t-Wipe Reward

Well this slave took a good beating 4 us today n Mistress B311a n I decide 2 give him a reward – he gets 2 have the PRIVILEGE of licking the dirt off the bottom of our thigh high boots! Haha… it is SO pathetic that these losers are so obsessed with us that they will endure anything just 2 lick the dirt WE have stepped on from the bottom of our boots! But we do realize that we`re that hot, so… Anyways, this slave is so pathetic n in love with us that he like can’t wait 2 get down on his knees n start sucking our heels – while all we do is insult n degrade him. I bet your fantasy is 2 be laughed at while u lick the boots of hot girls like us! So pathetic…


Keywords: Femdom, Boots, Fetish, Foot Fetish, Humiliation, Bootlicking

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