B00tl1cker in D0ubl3 Tr0ubl3 III – (Chapter`s 1-6)

B00tl1cker in D0ubl3 Tr0ubl3 III - (Chapter`s 1-6)

This movie features two of the worlds most beautiful n cruel mistresses, M1str3ss Ez@d@ S1nn & M@d@m3 C@t@r1n@. The ladies want 2 organize a very special party on the G@g Sh0p theme n decide 2 meet up at M@d@m3 C@t@r1n@’s saloon. The ladies want 2 take something special to the party 4 their other goddess friends 2 enjoy and they decide that making the B00tl1cker a special g@g slave would be a fun idea. The two ladies show why they are renowned 4 their sadistic imagination as they test out the B00tl1ck3r/g@g slave 2 see if it is up 2 th3 j0b.

Keywords: Femdom, MC, M1str3ss Ez@d@ S1nn, M@d@m3 C@t@r1n@, G@gs, Cigarettes, Smoking, Human Ashtray, Spitting, Leather, Boots, High Heels, CBT, Nipple Torture, Humiliation, Female Domination, Slave

5.80 Gb
54 min

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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