B3g 2 W0rsh!p Pr!nc3ss M!ssy’s Pr3tty F33t Wh!13 U Can, L0s3r

B3g 2 W0rsh!p Pr!nc3ss M!ssys Pr3tty F33t Wh!13 U Can, L0s3r

I am going 2 try on my dommie boots, along with two pairs of heels, lacy ankle socks n sexy foot jewlery right in front of your ugly face. Just 2 see what the sight of my cute feet do 2 u. Are u going 2 blubber, beg n break down just 2 kiss one of my toes? Impress me with your desperation n maybe I’ll let u…

Keywords: Femdom POV, Young Mistress, Humiliation, Princess Missy Rhodes, Footworship, Socks Fetish, Teasing

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