Back From The Party – Mistress Akella

Back From The Party - Mistress Akella

#1 CLIP in category BOOT DOMINATION!

It’s early in the morning as Mistress Akella returns from a femdom party. She is dressed in skin tight black leather n she looks so stunning with her red painted lips n her nlond hair. She calls for her slave who immediately appears. His back still green n blue from all the beatings by is cruel female owner. With a lazy but arrgant voice Akella says: “My boots are dirty, u know what to do!” That’s all. Nothing else needs to be said. While the mean lady sits down in a big chair her slave is already doing his work. He crawls on the hard ground to clean every inch of the expensive leather boots. Do not even expect Akella to lift up her legs. The slave can crawl. The leather looks so shiny in the rising sun. Akella lays back n relaxes from the party. What a nice life with a private boot cleaner…

Keywords: Female Domination, Sado-Ladies, Mistress Akella, Akella, Mistress, Free, Femdom, Boots, Bootlicking, Boot Domination, High Heels, Boot Fetish, Leather

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