Bag Face Birth Control

Bag Face Birth Control

Princess Carmela n I decide 2 destroy this ugly slave’s balls some more. We yank it out of its cage n tell it right 2 its face that it is so ugly that we don’t want 2 look at its stupid face – so we literally put a paper bag over its head. In fact, we tell it that it is SO ugly that we don’t even want it reproducing & bringing ugly into this world – and with enough kicks 2 its nuts, we should be able 2 make sure that doesn’t happen! And we make sure we handcuff its hands behind its back 2 so it can NOT even THINK about blocking our kicks with its hands.

I thought he might try 2 because I`m wearing some new boots an online slave sent me that have sharp little metal STUDS all over them – PERFECT 4 ballkicking! And I get a RUNNING start into this motherfucker’s balls! Haha. Carmela is wearing some pointed toe ankle boots & O…M…F…G!!! She kicks SOOO hard! LOL my hat is off 2 her! This slave is like SO broken by her kicks! I had trouble keeping up with her! lol. But pretty soon we`re both just having fun kicking him from the front n back practically at the same time. Let’s just say we`re pretty sure this slave was “broken” looong before the video ended! LOL

I think this is one of Our best ballkicking videos. :) The slave is literally left in a sweaty HEAP of slave-flesh in the back yard of mean Girl Manor when we are finally done with him…

– Princess B311a

Keywords: Ballbusting, Female Dominatin, Femdom, Ball Abuse, CBT, Interracial Domination

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