Bailey Paige Teases Fucks n Milks

Bailey Paige Teases Fucks n Milks

Lance Hart is bound to a bed with his cock locked up in a CB 6000 chastity device. Bailey Paige and her friends have been taking turns teasing him, masturbating in front of him, and doing whatever else they please with him.

Today Bailey visits Lance to check on his blue n swollen balls. He immediately begs her to help him but she just giggles n bounds onto the bed with him in her sexy one piece lingerie n heels.

“Awe, your just dying 4 release aren’t u…?” She teases him with her body, asking if it hurts his balls while she laughs.

She puts her ass near his face and tells him that if he can touch her pussy with his tongue she will let him go, but inches away from him as he desperately stretches towards her with his tongue out.

Then she teases him with her pussy just an inch from his locked up cock. His dick is raging against the chastity device, hurting him more but he is so horny he can’t stop but try 2 get closer to her pussy.

There is a vibrator plugged into the wall, left there 4 any girl who wants to get herself off in front of chastised Lance. Bailey picks it up and makes herself cum so close to his cock that his chastity cage actually gets a little wet, then she leaves him in agony, still bound to the bed with aching balls.

Bailey returns to Lance. Now she is wearing shiny tights, knee high socks, sneakers and pig tails. And a strap-on dildo. She waives Lance’s chastity keys in his face and tells him that he can finally get released today… after she fucks his ass as hard as she wants… She shoves some dirty, frilly panties in his mouth and tells him that they have 2 stay in his mouth while he gets fucked, or else he won’t be released…

Once he is flipped on his stomach and re-bound to the bed, she drives her thick, hard, purple strap-on cock into his ass.

Bailey fucks him hard n fast, slow n deep, sweet n mean. She fucks him 4 7 minutes straight until he’s seeing blurry. She makes him try to beg 4 me with his mouth stuffed full of her dirty panties, then finally tells him he can be free.

Lance is chained to the brick wall. His cock has been released from chastity, but he hasn’t been milked yet so he is aching 2 cum. Bailey returns to him. “Sorry I took so long to come back n milk u… I had things 2 do…”

She lubes up his cock n strokes it hard with both hands until he blows his load all over her, then she kisses him and leaves him chained 2 the wall.

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