Ball Busting Chicks – Who will it be? – New version

Ball Busting Chicks - Who will it be? - New version

1st and main part of the video is a rude ballbusting of 2 male slaves. To find out who is the best for her next ladies party she t*rtures their balls in various ways. Evil grabbing, twisting n beating. The hardest to take for them of course is the ruthless kicking in the manhood by this cruel lady. Her favorite is the one who get several times a tremendous hard on at watching her legs, stockings n high heels as she pulls her dress FETISHFEMDOM.ORG up for a better kicking. The cock remains hard even while she kick him in his swollen ball sack… Nevertheless when she kicks him really hard in his dangling nuts or hit the right spot the pain is too much for him and his cock hangs down again, like the cock of the other male sex slave who is totally useless for this mean woman. Then her favorite cock and ball slave, the lucky “winner”, get his back caned until it’s red n spread with nasty caning marks all over. Then – in addition to the older video version – he get also his fully erected cock beaten with her gloved hand. It seems his boner points high up, right towards the vagina of the much taller woman. That calls for an even harder cock punishment by whipping! She is pleased to see the cock limp, down hanging again n bruised all over…

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