Ball Collectors New Victim

Ball Collectors New Victim

Vanessa Vixon has a new set of balls to abuse. Billy thinks he’s just there 4 a little ball busting session. What he doesn’t know is that she’s actually going 2 keep his balls when they’re done

He’s pretty confident at 1st, but Vanessa kicks n knees really hard 4 such a small thing. She slowly breaks him in, asking him if he’s okay (as if it matters) in between kicks n knees. She looks really sexy in leggings and a tight tank top, which helps, but being turned on won’t save his balls. He even get’s confident enough to egg her on 2 go harder at first, but he soon learns that she’s pretty serious.

After a long time of hard kicks, knees, squeezes n slaps (with a little sensual teasing foot job action mixed in) Vanessa leaves him tied up to the wall with his pants around his ankles. She’ll be back 4 his balls soon. He still doesn’t know that she’s keeping them

Vanessa Vixon returns 2 Billy. He’s still tied to the wall with his pants around his ankles and his balls aching. She lets him know that she’s actually planning on nutting him and keeping his balls.

Vanessa is wearing fishnets, high heels, a bra and panties, and she looks amazing. Her boobs are about 2 pop out of her bra. She teases Billy with her body while she talks about how she wants 2 cut his balls off. Then she starts with the abuse. She gets on her back n plays with his cock n balls with her high heels. “Should I just shish-ka-bob them now with my high heel?”

Then she kicks off her shoes, stands up, and whales on his balls with some hard kicks. “Awe, don’t u wish u could touch me before I take your balls…?”

She leaves him again 2 think about losing his balls. On her return she’ll be taking them.

Now Vanessa is wearing a sexy tight teddy, shiny pantyhose n high heels. She’s come back 4 Billy’s balls, and there’s nothing he can do about it. She is kind of nice, and is going 2 jerk him off one last time. She really gets turned on by the idea of taking a man’s last orgasm.

As she strokes his cock, she counts, because every stroke counts 4 one kick or knee 2 the balls. She also loves teasing him with her perfect ass and perfect tits. (always followed by some ball abuse)

Vanessa shows Billy her sword, which she will use 2 nut him immediately after he comes. Do u think he’ll be able 2 hold out?

Keywords: Fishnets, Emasculation Threats, High Heels, Foot Fetish, Tease And Denial, Giggling, Knees, Ball Slapping, Ballbusting Emasculation Threats, Pantyhose, Teddy, High Heels, Ball Squeezing, Knees, Handjob, Cum On Pantyhose, Teasing

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