Ballerina Breath Control

Ballerina Breath Control

This slave gets 2 help me practice my favorite ballerina moves. Its a mean girl ba11et, haha! And The special ballet move is facesitting my slave until he cant breathe. I hope he has a fetish 4 ballerina tights n body suits because my sweaty workout makes 4 a moist seal around his mouth n nose, LOL! I am so sadistic n I really like doing this 2 slaves because I know they are honored 2 get my ass on their faces n I make it so weird because I hold their breath 4 longer than the want. I wanna make them enjoy the 1st few seconds n then think OMG, is she gonna make me pass out??? LOL!


Keywords: Femdom, Facesitting, Fetish, Carmela, Chastity

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