Banana fucker milking

Banana fucker milking

#1 clip in category “HUMILIATION”

I decided today that hubby doesn’t deserve to put his pathetic excuse 4 a cock in a pussy again. he will only be allowed to fuck… bananas. I know he likes bananas, I can see he even more than likes them by how his cock is getting harder when I have him suck one. So making love with them will definitely be right up his alley. That will be the closest he can get to feeling a pussy around his cock. 4 his 1st time, I will show him how to do that, but of course I will not let him really enjoy it; even fucking a banana can mean that his orgasm will be ruined. And that he has to clean his own mess after. At least he gets to eat a banana in the process.

Keywords: Female Domination, Femdom, Free, Ezada, Sinn, Mistress, Ruined Orgasm, Humiliation, Orgasm Control, Food Fetish, Food Porn, Female Supremacy

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