Be A Chastity Slave Like This

Be A Chastity Slave Like This

So last week I had this loser come 2 M3@n G!rls M@n0r and give me the money that I DESERVE. Why did he give me money? The same reason all u losers should- because Im a PRINCESS. Do u pathetic slaves need any other reason 2 give me money? Yeah didnt think so. (And btw yes, this is totally REAL- this is a fan that wrote in and BEGGED me 2 lock him up in chastity and take his $ LOL!) Anyways back 2 what matters, I put a chastity on his gross, disgusting dick n told him if he wanted it taken off he could come back next week and he had 2 bring me back MORE MONEY. So that is EXACTLY what this pathetic slave did. I absolutely love when these losers give ME their money instead of giving it 2 their stupid ugly wives haha! Theres only room 4 ONE princess in your life- and thats ME!

So who else wants 2 come 2 M3@n G!rl Man0r & PAY me 2 lock up their cock n then send them away so they have 2 keep coming back & PAYING me just 2 unlock them while me and all my GF`s LAUGH at u?? LOL

Princess Cindi

Keywords: Young Mistress, Chastity, Financial Domination, Female Domination, Humiliation, Brat Girls, Femdom, Princess Cindi

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