Be Quiet – Mistress Kassi [Sado-Ladies]

Be Quiet - Mistress Kassi [Sado-Ladies]

#1 CLIP in category FACE SLAPPING!

A slave is caged deep down in the basement for hours now. He has no idea where he his, who brought him to this place n why he is here. His calls 4 help sound through the cold basement but there is nobody else. But then, the sound of high heels comes closer and the slave can see a pair of knee high leather boots. Mistress Kassi appears in the basement, dressed in a tight leather skirt and a stunning leather corset. All black of course. She bents down to the slave n asks: “Haven’t u been told to be quiet?” The slave says “Yes, but please let me out now.” Kassi laughts n answers: “Ok, I’ll let u out!”She sits down on the cage and orders the slave in front of her. “Down on your knees n face me!”, she says. She repeats that he was told to be quiet n before he can answer, hard slaps claps in his face. What follows are endless fusillades of heavy faceslaps until the slave seems to collapse. Kassi is so well trained and her faceslaps are merciless with full power. When this slave is back in the cage, he will be quiet. For sure!

Keywords: Female Domination, Sado-Ladies, Boots, Young Mistress, Kassi, Faceslapping, Leather, Face Slapping, Arrogant Woman, Free

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