Beaten Black n Blue (HD 1080-60p)

Beaten Black n Blue (HD 1080-60p)

We explain 2 this slave that yeah, we know he has been beaten senseless – but we want 2 beat him MORE! So we want to do more of that to him – only WORSE, in the form of CANING. And we really don’t care how much pain he’s in. He needs 2 suffer MORE 4 us! (AND not only that, but he needs to tell us how BEAUTIFUL we`re WHILE we t0rture him!! Haha!) Then we tease him by telling him that he will actually get to have sex if he takes EVERYTHING 4 us…!!

We even play a game where we make him get on all fours n one of us sits on his back and the other one canes him to try 2 get him to fall! LOL! Then we switch so the other one can try to make him fall. What a fun, sadistic game! Eventually we both just sit on his back together n beat his ass with our canes WHILE we`re sitting on him! LOL! So he has 2 hold up his tormentors WHILE we`re beating him!! HAHA! And OMFG if he DROPS us it will only get WORSE 4 him

Haha ok, it actually gets worse 4 him anyway – just beacause we`re feeling extra MEAN n want 2 BREAK this one. So we break out these SUPER big, long, REAL bamboo canes!!! These things are like 6 freakin feet long! And we just go 2 TOWN on this loser with them like baseball bats! Haha! Eventually even THIS total pain slut was curled up in the fetal position on the ground at our feet – a broken, quivering mass of male flesh at Our feet. (Like ALL slaves do, eventually)

Keywords: Female Domination, Femdom, Caning, Rodea, Carmela, Humiliation, Whipping, Corporal Punishment, Ponyplay

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