Beaten Into Shape

Beaten Into Shape

Haha this was SOOO hard on the worthless, out-of-shape slave in this clip.

A man has sold himself as a lifelong slave 2 the M3@n G!r1s of M3@n G!r1 M@n0r, as he is bankrupt. He is now in massive financial debt 2 the manor and is pretty much at the mercy of u girls 2 whatever u want with 4 the rest of his pathetic life. Dommes Rodea meets him at The Man0r 2 accept him into lifelong slavery at M3@n G!r1 M@n0r. He kneels before her as she sits upon the Throne. She explains after he signs his paperwork (signing his life away, basically) that she will torture him today in order 2 welcome him 2 his new slave life. She then mocks him 4 being in such poor shape n decides 2 force him 2 perform a series of exhausting manual labour & meaningless tasks, taunting him in the process of his current plight n punishing him whenever he fails 2 live up 2 your standards. Punishments will be in the form of pain (whipping/caning/cock shocking), a grueling regimen of exercises (eg push-ups/squats) or a combination of both. (eg whipping/caning a slave when he is doing push ups or when he is maintaining a difficult stress position (eg. pushup or squat position). At the end of the clip, the slave will be exhausted, broken n begging 4 mercy.

Note From Your Dommes R0dea: This slave really WAS exhausted after this clip! Haha. So patheticbut it was fun 4 ME!

Keywords: Femdom, Female Domination, Boot Domination, Financial Domination, Humiliation

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